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OnFitness Magazine mobile app.
Available for download on iPad®, iPhone® and devices via Google Play™
A subscription to OnFitness® Magazine Digital is necessary to view issues through this app. 

Available on iTunes & Google Play

Available on iTunes & Google Play


Navigating the app


  • Wait to receive your account activation notification email (please check your spam folder too!)
  • Download the OnFitness APP to your mobile device, available through the iTunes and Google Play Store.
  • Your password will be included in this email, scroll down to find it.
  • Open the APP on your mobile device and touch the screen to display the navigation bar.
  • Tap the menu button on the top left 
  • Select the sign in link and then select the Digital Subscriber link (not the iTunes Subscriber link!).
  • Enter your sign in details: The user name will be your email and the password will be included in the activation email.
  • Tap Sign in.


  • Go to the "Issues List"
  • Tap on the magazine cover
  • Tap on "Download" After a few moments, the issue will download and be ready to read.
  • Go to the "Issues List" or "My Library" (if you have already downloaded the issues).
  • Tap on the cover of the magazine and tap view.


How to switch between Magazine and Responsive (text) View

The text view gives the ability to read articles in full page, resize text and change to night mode. These features are particularly useful on smaller mobile devices making the reading experience more comfortable.

  • To open in text mode
  • Ensure the magazine is fully downloaded
  • Open a page with an article (i.e. not just pictures/adverts)
  • Tap once on the page to show the navigation bar
  • Tap on the following icon: 
  • This will open the article in text mode
  • *Go To "How to Navigate" for more Options in Text Mode


To bookmark an article

  • Open an issue on your device and switch to responsive (reading mode), go to the article you wish to bookmark.
  • Tap once on the screen to display the navigation bar.
  • In the navigation bar there is a star icon (this is the bookmark feature) tap it and it will turn blue and bookmark the page. If there is more than one article on the page, you will be requested to choose an article.

To access "My Bookmarks" 

  • Tap once on the screen to display the navigation bar
  • Tap  "My Bookmarks"
  • Tap on the bookmarked article to view it

To remove a bookmark

  • Go to the article with the bookmark
  • Tap once on the screen to display the navigation bar
  • Tap on the blue str to remove the bookmark, when completed the blue color will disapear
  • Note: It is only possible to bookmark articles and not adverts


To search within the app

  • Select search
  • Enter Keywords
  • Tap search on the device keyboard
  • Results are displayed by publication issue showing relevant Article Titales
  • Tap on the magazine article of interest to purchase, download or read it.


How to change your password

  • Select the menu icon
  • Go to "Settings"
  • Select "Account Settings"
  • Tap on "Change Your Password"
  • Update your details and tap "Submit"