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Shape your Body, Fuel Your Gut

Shape your Body, Fuel Your Gut

More bacteria live and work in one cm of your colon than the number of people who have ever existed in the world


While you’re taking care of that gorgeous body, don’t forget what’s on the inside.

As astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson said, “More bacteria live and work in 1cm of your colon than the number of people who have ever existed in the world…”

You might wonder: What are they doing?

Answer: A lot! A healthy gut includes many hundreds of types of bacteria and other microbes and they depend on what you eat every day.

Prebiotics are Nutrients for Your Inner Life - Pre-biotics Go Beyond Pro-biotics

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Prebiotics are part of many healthy foods, most commonly fruits and vegetables, that pass through your small intestine intact (they don’t provide calories to you). They reach the large intestine intact, where they feed gut bacteria. When the bacteria consume the prebiotics, they provide a multitude of health benefits.

If you eat a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables, congratulations! You’re probably getting enough prebiotics, like dietary fiber and a micronutrient called polyphenol antioxidants from the colorful skins of fruits and veggies. If you don’t, BiomeBliss may be the perfect solution.

Prebiotics bolster the naturally occurring bacteria in your gut, so that they can flourish in both number and in their health-supporting activities. When they are well-fed, they produce healthy molecules in your gut and your body will feel the impact.

If you take probiotics that’s okay too, but you’ll want to feed those microbes too. Prebiotics are the force-multiplier for natural microbes and probiotics. They’ll have a better chance to do something useful.

BiomeBliss: An Easy Way to Get Your Prebiotics Every Day


The super food to feed the good guys in your gut

The super food to feed the good guys in your gut


BiomeBliss is the perfect prebiotic blend. Scientifically proven to support digestive health and help control hunger, BiomeBliss is the best prebiotic in a delicious, berry-flavored drink, satisfying the inner you. And it is a great keto-companion.

60 calories | 60 seconds | Natural | Plant-Based

What Biomebliss Users Say

“There are no other products that I have used with similar results. You can replace your probiotics with this!” [Marja-Leena, R.N]

“Over the years I have tried various probiotics and I always stop taking them after six months or so because the gas and cramping never abates or is just unpredictable. BiomeBliss is literally the opposite of that –I’m regular and my stomach is calm. I am also trying to lose weight and BiomeBliss is helping me do that” [Sally O.]

"Biomebliss has been a great addition to PFRX. It is a part of the health and wellness program that I recommend. It is particularly useful for clients needing to change their eating routines, those with digestive issues and even for people interested in general health.” [Sasha]

The Power of Mushrooms

The Power of Mushrooms