November/December 2010

November/December 2010


VOL 11 NO 2

In this issue:

  • Why prescription drug addiction has gone epidemic

  • Build those triceps

  • Unraveling the science of oxygen use

  • Why diabetics should exercise

  • Fight flu and cold without drugs

  • Stevia's health benefits

  • Metabolic physique conditioning for the best of both world's:physique development & physique training

  • Frank Zane on doing the deadlift right

  • Ultimate ass-kicking workout for women

  • Body part training and progressive resistance

  • Frankincense for medicine

  • Good news for chocoholics

  • Yogurt and colon cancer

  • The power 3 workout

  • Athletic legs

  • The fantastic four routine for power, fat loss and a new-and-improved physique

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