March/April 2013

March/April 2013


VOL 13 NO 5

In this issue:

  • Stabilize your training routine with this unsteady surface

  • Climb the ladder to total body conditioning

  • Fat attack treadmill workout

  • What to do for heel pain

  • Prehistoric secrets to getting strong

  • Spot-on training strategy to gain size

  • Ankle strengthening exercises

  • Thigh downsizing

  • Frank Zane: 3-time Mr. Olympia’s tale of a rocky fitness experience

  • Boot camps aren’t just for the military anymore

  • Harness your body’s control center

  • Healing headaches through these simple strategies

  • Gluteus maximus training

  • Squatting: the cornerstone to your posterior chain, or is it a damaging link?

  • Frank Zane, M.A., 3-time Mr. Olympia A unique deadlift

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