July/August 2010

July/August 2010


In this issue:

  • Get Great Abs Without Abdominal Routines

  • Walking And Stroke Prevention

  • Destroy Cellulite

  • What To Feed Hurting Muscles; Information About Biceps Workouts

  • Shopping For A Personal Trainer

  • When Your Significant Other Sabotages Your Weight Loss Attempts

  • Mushrooms For Medicine And Healing

  • Cleansing Your Metabolism And Eight Cleansing Techniques For The Body;

  • Salt And Weight Loss

  • Frank Zane: 3-Time Mr. Olympia’s Workouts From His Personal Training Diaries

  • How To Build Up The Calves

  • 20-Rep Bench Press Benefit

  • Fat Blasting Strength Circuit

  • 5 Steps To A Six Pack

  • The Difference Between Good Pain And Bad Pain: Yes, Push Through The Pain For Gains, But Know How To Tell The Difference.

  • The Business Of Food Inc.

  • The Science Of How To Eat More, Work Out Less, And Lose Fat While You Rest.

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